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    Dec 26, 2016
    We have had a few complications with email notifications being pushed through when someone replies to a post. While we have turned this off for new accounts, old ones will still have it enabled; to disable it follow this guide.

    First run your mouse over your name in the top right and click Preferences

    Then you will get presented with a long list of different settings, the one you want to untick is 'Automatically Watch Threads' as seen below

    Half the problem has been solved. But we will still receive emails from previously replied to threads. So go here: and tick all the threads you wish to no longer receive emails for. At the bottom there is a dropdown through which you can Disable Emails for.

    You should no longer receive emails for a specific thread unless you manually choose to.

    On behalf of Gravity staff

    PS. Thanks a lot for being patient with us as we iron out the small problems on the site.
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    Guide needs to be updated @Owen