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    Dec 26, 2016
    Hi all, welcome to Gravity's very first gaming tournament!

    If you're reading this, you're probably interested in taking part and claiming some glory for yourself. If so, I encourage you to read on...

    Now I understand that the choice of game might be slightly contentious - what if you don't like the game, the genre, the graphics? Well, all I can say to this is to git gud because a true gamer enjoys most games. Plus, we're trying to be as inclusive as possible here, so here is why I chose Brawlhalla ( ):
    • Free - we all want to play, but sometimes we don't have the money to keep buying games. This way, everyone has a chance.
    • Small download size - I get some people have worse internet connections than others, so where possible, we try to make it easy for them.
    • Clear victors - some games make the rounds too complex to see who actually wins, and some don't have winners at all!
    • Easy learning curve - some people just can't invest in enough time to get good at a game. This is a casual event after all.
    • Under-appreciated - where possible, we try to draw attention to different game styles and interesting games that we think people might enjoy.
    • Fun - boring matches are boring. Brawlhalla is an easy game to pick up that's a platform brawler which are often quite fun.
    What's in it for me?
    Well, we all want the glory! We're a tight-knit community here, and winning these events gives a huge amount of prestige. But we like some more overt things too, so we're offering a custom-coloured group for our Discord server and an extra-special custom member-title for a permanent basis. The winner also gets to pick the next tournament game (within the basic guidelines above, but we'll discuss this in more detail privately).

    When is this?
    Sign-ups will take place over the next week until Sunday 12th March. Individual matches will be scheduled as participants wish over the course of two weeks. Further details will follow as necessary. Once the matches have taken place, there'll be a massive free-to-join game at the end for all participants (if possible).

    How does the tournament work?
    This depends on the number of people signing up, either as a knockout tournament or a round-robin. Matches are 1v1 with spectators allowed if the contestants wish. Contestants are allowed to choose their own match timings with their opponent. Everyone is allowed to sign up, regardless of rank or experience.

    How do I sign-up?
    Just copy and complete below the following list:
    • Name - Steam ID - experience with Brawlhalla
    (We're not expecting any experience, and it won't really affect your matches, but it's nice to see who's played before).
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    Jan 2, 2017
    Sign me up.
    Steam name: Austinbuggy
  3. The

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    Dec 26, 2016
    I've added you to the roster @zbug .

    To everyone else - not much time left, so get your entries in soon!
  4. The

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    Dec 26, 2016
    I'm going to leave this open a couple more days so people can get some last chance sign-ups in!