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    Gravity could never have opened or continue to run without the exceptional support provided by the staff team. All of them have helped drive Gravity in the direction that is best for the site, and all of them have sacrificed countless hours, and in some cases money too, for our sake. In order that we may know slightly more about them, this topic briefly describes each of them in their own words. If you want to find out more, most of them will have listed contact information on their profile pages, so please feel free to send them a message.

    Hi, I'm James Adams, more commonly known online as The. Yes, it’s a weird name, and it came around from an old online game I used to play. It’s not that great a story, but if you ever want to find out, do hit me up sometime. As a matter of fact, that game led me to foruming and the internet in more general terms, as well as front-end web design. I guess you could say gaming does have some uses after all! Somewhere along the way I came across ZetaBoards, a forum software, which I stuck around at for a fair while. During that period, I met Ferby, and from there Gravity came about in a rather circuitous route. Now, I’m the lead administrator/founder of Gravity, and do most of the back-end work on the site, as well as managing the rest of the staff. I’m pretty open for chatting, so please drop me a line; I’d rather you kept general chat away from PMing me however, as I prefer to keep that clean for board matters.

    Hi, I'm Owen, On most accounts I’m under the name OwenC unless I a: Can’t change it or b: I forgot about that account, if these are the case it will be under Madkidk. I met Ferby/Scott in college in 2014 and I quickly became a member. I am a keen gamer, PC nerd, and a fan of most cartoons. If you need me feel free to drop me a message on Gravity or on discord.

    Hi, I'm Kieran, I usually go by the name Spark or Taafe generally but on Gravity, I'm Kieran. I'm a casual gamer that mainly plays games like Tactical Shooters and Simulators. I'm one of the original founders of Gravity, or rather the old old old Gravity. I met Ferby on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas's Multiplayer called SA:MP, and from there we ended up making our own server, and then eventually we made Gravity. I met The and Owen through Ferby. I'm always here to give people a hand, if you have any problems with the site or just want to ask me some questions, don't be afraid to PM me or message me on Discord :emoji_relaxed:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.