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    If you're in this forum, you're checking up on all our helpful information topics, about to ask a question, or intend to make a suggestion.

    • If you're the former, then hopefully the topics themselves should give you a clearer overview of what you need to know. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the appropriate topic, or open your own topic if necessary.
    • If you're making a question, please apply the Question prefix (blue) to your topic and then ask your question in the space below. A staff member or (if applicable) long-term member will address your question shortly.
    • If you're making a suggestion, please apply the Suggestion prefix (green) to your topic and then list your suggestion. Unless it's something simple, the staff team will often have to discuss it prior to any action being made, and sometimes members will also have a consultation period in a similar manner. Please therefore be aware that suggestions often take a longer time to clear than questions, and so we kindly request your patience in dealing with it.
    • If a problem is urgent, please apply the Urgent prefix (red) to your topic and then list the problem. If necessary, feel free to notify the staff team by tagging, PMs, Discord messages, or at worst, an email. If the issue really isn't urgent, then please do not misuse the prefix. Repeated misuse may result in punishment or restriction.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.