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    Welcome to Gravity’s area for game reviews. We’re all gamers around here, and we’ve all come across some hidden gems, some not-so-hidden disasters and everything in between, so we thought that sharing our views might help some people. To do that however, there are a few basic rules we need to follow to make this worthwhile.

    Review submission

    1) Reviews must be your own.

    2) Poor reviews will be hidden by staff until further edits or additions are made.

    3) Indicate the platform you played on and any platforms that it can be played on.

    4) Feel free to create a second review for a game which we have previously reviewed.

    5) Try to keep a balance of objective and subjective comments.

    6) Go into as much detail as possible.

    7) Include images, videos or links if possible.

    8) List a score from 1-10/10 at the end of the post, 1 being lowest and 10 being highest.

    9) Don’t beg for a review highlight; staff will select the best reviews each month to highlight. There may be special events during which members will have the chance to vote for reviews.

    Review feedback

    1) Ask questions about the review if you want more detail or are confused.

    2) Don’t flame other reviews, no matter what quality they are. Keep any comments constructive.

    3) If you’ve played the game too, add a score from 1-10/10 to your post! We may as well corroborate thoughts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.