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    Gravity Forum is a community of individuals from all ages here to discuss gaming in a positive atmosphere with fellow, like-minded friends. Considering this, it should be self-explanatory that all members must follow some simple rules to protect everyone within this community.

    The staff here at Gravity are committed to nurturing our thriving community, and although we uphold our rules, we assure you that we only take action when necessary. We want every member to enjoy their experience here at Gravity, and we hope that these guidelines will further reassure you that our interests are solely to provide the best user experience to every member of our community.

    Our policies may be updated at any time. Our staff team at Gravity reserve the right to update or amend rules whenever necessary, and to edit or delete content on Gravity as they see fit. Any content posted to Gravity Forum is posted at the owner’s risk. By registering an account, you forfeit the right to hold liable for any damages. To help you, we will ensure that major changes are announced via the News and Announcements forum; however, it is your responsibility to be familiar with and abide by our rules in their current state.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please direct them towards one of our members of staff who will provide further assistance to you and aid in any queries you may have.

    General Forum Rules

    1) Inappropriate behaviour: Do not insult or act in a derogative manner towards other users, instead treating all users with respect and decency. We expect each member to act sensibly and engage in appropriate discussions.

    a. Violent comments, threats or death threats, even as a joke, will not be tolerated.

    b. Post identifiable information of users (e.g. name, location, email etc.).

    c. Impersonation of a user is strictly prohibited.

    d. Attempting to phish or hack users’ information.

    e. Share accounts, or create multiple accounts (commonly known as “sock-puppeting”).

    f. Do not make open complaints about a member or staff member. Contact James Adams (username: The) via private message.

    2) Prohibited content: Do not discuss any of the following topics, including via links to them:

    a. NSFW content. (Including porn or other gross stuff). Due to frequent questions concerning this, this must be addressed more closely: anime, in and of itself, is acceptable; there comes a point where it is too sexualised however, and at that point, it becomes NSFW. Contact James Adams (username: The) via private message if you are still unsure on what this means.

    b. Racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind.

    c. Drug or alcohol abuse.

    d. Ripped content: stealing content, graphics, codes or any other form of intellectual property by any user is forbidden. All work shared should be of your own creation, unless you have ownership rights to it or you have permission to post work with full credits intact.

    3) Profanity: Profanity will be tolerated for the odd occasion, but should be kept to a minimum and should be limited to only the least-offensive words if possible.

    4) System abuse: Abuse or encouragement of abuse of the Reputation, Post Reporting or Private Messaging systems is prohibited.

    a. Bypassing or attempting to bypass filters or measures put into place by the Gravity staff team is not allowed.

    b. Openly disclosing private messages without express permission of all parties involved will not be tolerated.

    5) Spam: All posts should be relevant to the topic they are posted in, and topics should not be derailed by “off-topic” comments. Tangent posts will either be split into a new topic or removed from the board, depending on the content of the posts themselves.

    a. Post questions or messages in the appropriate forum. (Staff members will of course be on hand to help move topics over genuine mistakes).

    b. Re-posting content previously closed, modified, or deleted by staff members is strictly forbidden.

    6) Advertising: Explicit advertising of a website or forum for the purpose of gaining members, views or revenue is permitted on the affiliation page of Gravity and profiles/signatures of users. Advertisements outside of profiles and/or signatures or the affiliation topic are prohibited. Links to reference articles, resources or interesting pages relevant to the discussion at hand will be allowed.

    7) Backseat moderation: Do not backseat moderate - leave the staff members to control any situations, and do not get involved by attempting to enforce the rules yourself. Report the content instead, then ignore it.

    Signatures and Avatars

    1) Content: Images should not contain any prohibited content mentioned above, and must also not contain any flash or animation – please be considerate to those without strong internet access.

    2) Avatars: Avatars (images displayed beneath your username in topics) are allowed and encouraged on Gravity. The forum is set to allow any avatar which is 150px (width) x 150px (height). Any avatar that is larger will be automatically shrunk.

    3) Signatures: A signature is the space displayed beneath each of your posts. Images, text and links are all allowed, but please try to keep distracting elements from your signature. There is a maximum of one large image per signature, which must be 500px (width) x 300px (height) maximum. Other websites or forums can be advertised within your signature.

    Moderation Policy

    1) First offence: Any minor first offence will entail a staff member offering a verbal reminder of the rules, specifically the one you were found in violation of. Broader, less serious, offences will often be satisfied by a staff member publically reminding everyone of the rules. Major first offences will be discussed via PM and appropriate action taken depending on the situation.

    2) Repeat offences: If a verbal reminder has been issued, repeat offences will entail a staff member issuing official board warnings, potentially leading to a loss of privileges.

    3) Warning/ban evasion: Creating additional accounts, or any other means, to circumvent restrictions will entail a permanent suspension off all accounts and IP blocking.

    4) Appeals: Appeals against an offence are allowed, and should be directed to one of the administrators. If PM restrictions are in place, members will be informed on how else to contact the administrator in case an appeal is sought for.
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